Good leaders participate.
Get someone else to facilitate.

Need a good meeting?

Are you charged with pulling together a new team or refining your strategic direction? As a leader, would you be more effective working within the group rather than facilitating that discussion? Are you holding an off-site for your team and not quite sure how to bring it all together for a meaningful result?

Katie Pushor works with corporate and community leaders to get the most out of their teams, skilfully facilitating a variety of retreats, off-sites, and meetings with creativity and results.

Five things that make the difference.

  1. Preparation
  2. Clarity
  3. Communication
  4. Commitment
  5. Measurement

Whether you are using Inner Capital to bring together the owners of a family business, the newest members of a community council, or the executive director and their new team, preparation is the key.Katie will meet with the individuals in advance of the meeting, surfacing their primary concerns and creating clarity about the purpose of the meeting and the desired outcomes. Your meeting will be structured to allow clear communication among the participants, with an agenda and pacing that is unique to the needs of your group. The process will result in a commitment, an agreement to act on the decisions made within the group. Finally, the participants create measurements that can be used to determine if the actions have taken place and with what result.

Just five things.

Good leaders participate. Let someone else facilitate.

Contact Inner Capital to learn more about the powerful difference skilled facilitation can make in getting the results you want out of your next meeting.