Time for a change?

How will you get from where you are today to where you want to be? Can you clearly see the big picture of your personal and professional life—and are you satisfied with the results? Is a critical transition looming on the horizon, one that will have a significant impact on your future? Is it time for a change? Are you ready to live up to your whole self?

Katie coaches leaders every day that are facing these same questions in their life. Most of these coaching relationships begin with a problem, a challenge that requires some outside perspective. As the coaching progresses, the problem (what’s wrong?) finds a solution and the work moves on to the possibilities(what’s next?). That’s where it gets interesting. Clients work with Katie on getting a new job, improving their relationships with peers, overcoming obstacles to their promotion, choosing to leave an organization or to begin work at a new one…. and there is no shying away from those big questions, either.


A successful executive, professional, entrepreneur or community leader


You are facing a critical juncture in your career that will require significant change or transformation in your professional/personal life. You find yourself asking, “What now? What’s missing? What do I really want next? How can I get from where I am now to where I really want to be?”


Different inputs = new result.

To respond to your challenge, (not merely endure, ignore or rush past it…) and create the successful outcome you desire, requires a readiness to look clearly at your present behaviors and actions….. and choose what you are willing to change.


It’s hard work. It can be fun. It’s a growth spurt for adults.

We start with an assessment, creating clarity about where you are now. Next, we work the target—what is the desired outcome and what could you measure that would prove you got there? That forms the basis of the coaching agreement. Then we work the gap—what resources, actions, new skills or perspectives will it take to move you towards the target? It’s an integrated approach blending adult developmental theory, change management and personal inquiry in a combination of facilitated sessions and independent assignments.


Katie has over thirty years of experience in business and community leadership. She is results-oriented, creative, intuitive and wise, with a deep and practical understanding of a successful transition process for today’s executives.


You will create the results you committed to when you selected your target.

These are individual to each person, but recent clients have chosen to create these types of outcomes.

  • Took over the reins at my new company as the CEO, optimized my first year in the role with a successful game plan to manage relationships with my board and put together top-notch senior team
  • Decided to leave current employer and took a great new job
  • Got my promotion!
  • Left with a severance package and used this time to increase self-awareness, using wisdom gained from past experiences as the foundation for my future success—agreed to give myself a year off, and glad I did
  • Created and implemented an individualized plan for continuous self-renewal (health, leisure, finance, & relationships) so that I could keep my ownership role in the business and still have a personal life
  • Designed and executed successful job search with the satisfaction of having emerged from this challenging period in my life with clarity, renewed energy and direction


At this critical juncture in life, an optimal outcome requires your personal commitment of time, attention and resources.

Coaching plans are customized to the individual. A rule of thumb—successful executives can expect to re-invest 3-5% of their gross annual income in personal and professional development every year.

A sample plan with ten sessions would include: orientation, assessment, applicable books & materials. Approximately 20 hours in ten facilitated (one-on-one) sessions, plus individual assignments as appropriate. Client selects meeting frequency, (weekly or monthly). The ten sessions must be completed within one year of purchase.

Next Steps

Sessions are available by appointment, M-F, between 9am and 5pm. The office is located at:
7550 E. McDonald Dr. Suite E.

Contact Katie Pushor at kpushor@innercapitalaz.com or 602.980.0102.