Coach. Facilitate. Consult. What’s right for you?

Individual executives take full advantage of challenging times by investing in their own growth and abilities—they work with a coach. When leaders want to bring their teams together to solve a problem or create a shared future—they use a skilled facilitator. When boards need to optimize their working relationship with a CEO and effectively execute their strategic plans— they consult an experienced director.

“I founded Inner Capital to serve the developmental needs of business and community leaders throughout the arc of their career. My company offers the coaching, facilitation, and consulting services required to sustain three distinct phases of leadership: emergence, achievement, and transition. My goal is to evoke and sustain the inner capital of today’s leaders. Clients come to me for my experience, objective perspective, and proven ability to coach senior executives from where they are to where they want to be.” –Katie Pushor


Ready for your first seat on a corporate board? Download this book today!

Do you have what it takes? Are you a candidate for service on a corporate board today? In the future?

This book was written to answer that question for you, and to advance the concept of board service as a career goal among a broader and more diverse pool of talent than has been considered in the past.